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Pop Show set -up & more


Today I arrived early to help set up for the pop-up show with the rest of the group. The room was a good size, large enough to show everyone’s work.

The 2 films that I sent were shown on screens (along with other peoples work) that were arranged as a sculpture by Vic Von Poser, the sculpture looked interesting compared to how they would normally be shown, against a wall.

I think my work looked good. The Tree of Life and Death film seemed to blend into the arrangement of the screen sculpture. The Red Sari film looked great on the old TV monitor.  If I do show a film on the degree show, it will definitely be shown on an old TV. This is due to the nostalgic look of the film, an old TV monitor adds more charm to my films, especially since I am looking back in time in regards to a narrative.


Pop-up Show work


I ended up sending 2 performance films (with audio), to Vic for the pop-show. I thought it might be good to get feedback on both works. The 2 performances deal with different narratives, one kind of funny and the other slightly melancholy. The funny one is the sari performance with text and 2 songs, like a mini Indian film. The melancholy performance is a about a woman who has enough of life, reads a poem by the Late Indian actress Meena Kumari, to become a tree.

Red Sari 2018 and The tree of Life and….death 2018!


Editing film for pop-show


I decided to make another film around my sari performance with audio and text. I watched the two previous experimental films that I had edited last week. I felt that I could take the best bits out from both films and put them together, to make a better narrative, which seemed to me alittle clearer. I would say it ended up being like a mini South Asian movie, lol!

Skype/Studio (last) session


MA Degree Show, discussion

Today’s session was on Skype and studio for all 2nd yr students, we discussed where and what we could be expecting for the preparation of the degree show. It seem’s like we will be in the old building, exact location seems abit up in the air! We will probs find out at the start of our last term. What this means for me, I will be adapting again (BA course) my work to the location I find myself in. I have a feeling the space will be smaller though. I am ok with it, as long as my work is kinda seperate from others, as I will make an installation/with film and other mark making stuff.

I will be drawing out some plans later, once I have my location.

But, for now I need to start making a storyboard for my film work, phew alot to do! I think I make my best work under this pressure. I have to get triggered by something, and this is it!

Film editing old/into the new


This evening, I started editing some performance footage, that I had from my BA course. I have alot of old unused performance footage and photographs. Since last year I have been making use of these materials. I am trying to improve on my video editing and photoshop skills. At the same time making new works from old stuff!

I believe making some sought of narrative will make the works new again.

The performance footage I used today, originally involved me trying to wear a sari for the first time, with no prior knowledge of how to wear the garment. I decided to deconstruct the whole footage.By taking out the pieces that I thought were relative to a comical story.

I had always wanted to wear a sari, like my mother had done in her youner years. My mother looked very similar to some Indian film actress of the 1970’s.

I also added some old Indian music from that era, to give the film that old charm.

I decided to add text to make it look funny because, I remember feeling slightly frustrated, as I attempted to wear the garment quite a few times! Also, I slowed the performance down to capture the movement in more detail.


Reflection on Research Questions


The questions asked after my main powerpoint presentation was interesting: what was the percentage of the population that saw film in India? I was honest, I did not know (that was not my focus for the research paper) but it is a large percentage, also I did say South Asians living in the diaspora also contribute to that large percentage, not just Indians living in India. Also, the neighboring countries e.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afganistan, and the Maldives. Also, questions regarding the Indian artist Annu Palakunnathu, who is based in New York, how her work was critiquing Indian womens role in Indian Cinema, how society and politics are interwoven. Also, the fact her Cinema posters are placed in a very subtle way, only if you really looked at her posters would you see her work. There were many other questions but I cannot remember at this moment! I ended the presentation with this slide:

  • Deconstruction of the female character within Cinema
  • The self and society
  • Caught in mad dance of shuffling (Inspired by theorist Spivak!)
  • Inner activism
  • Entertainment
  • Using my own experiences and environment to question and react to/against

A close friend has said I am the “Silent Activist” in regards to my art practice.

I suggested to look into the Betch Bell Test (I have never heard of it).

The work of Doris Salcedo Colombian artist was also suggested. But, I have already seen Salcedo’s work on my BA course. I am not sure if I want to pay homage to a victim of violence though…. or maybe I do…but who? ; )

My Research Paper Discussion


I felt I was prepared for my presentation with my slides and notes. But, I was not prepared for literally talking about my work. I became nervous, due to this I forgot to say alot, in an articulate manner. It seemed like I had “failed” in my presentation. I felt I did not do justice to the years of research in regards to my art practice. I forgot to mention in my presentaion alot of the theory, I looked into. Oh Crap!

Unfortunately, I am naturally a nervous person when it comes to presenting and talking about my work, especially in group settings, ever since my BA course. I am not sure why? And not sure how I may improve on this?

Hopefully, I will be better prepared and less nervous for my video symposium in May.

Research Presentation 2018