This has been a busy week installing for the Intrim show. I have managed to install an old TV monitor instead of an iMac screen for my film and it works!

I still feel I need to re-arrange my drawings, in order for them to read like a story. Also wanted to add a rug or mat under the table, because I want the viewers to sit on the floor while watching the screen (like a child), this was meant to be part of my installation.

So still some more work to be done next Tuesday.


Cosmic Dramas


I have just finished reading Cosmic Dramas by the artist Liliane Lijn for the 2nd time and I have also looked through her book non-stop, for the last 7 months. Lijn’s work has really been a refreshing insight for me, I have felt quite static with art for the last 3 – 4 years. But, Lijn’s work has almost made me think beyond the art work itself with her majestic sculptures, poetary and drawings.  Lijn’s work speak’s of a inner world within ourselves, a cosmic self. I feel inspired in a long time to question my own work in a different way, without too much of the negative self-critical thought process ingrained from contemporary art institutes. This will take time for me to process and apply mindfully as I produce my art works, but I have started.

Lijn’s work has inspired me in that, I feel like diverting slightly from the unruly path I had set myself for my art practice. Lijn’s work has definitely awakened that fire within me however small it is for now, its that same fire that I felt when I first started my journey into art, which feels like a good place to be, were I can actually be more productive, finally!



I have completed my 5 drawings! But, I am still yet to decide if I want to add text to them? I am also not sure if I want to show them at the Interim Show and just show the video by itself, incase it is too much. Lots of thinking to do hmmm.

Interim Show prep


A recap of last week and this week:

I have been working on a film for the show. I am learning as I go along with editing, self taught. Its a very tricky skill to learn. The film still needs to be alittle bit polished, near the beginning and end, so I might have to go to the media lab for alittle help! Also not sure if I should add a song on top of a song, will it be too much? Just a thought. The song is a South Asian film song that I have manipulated into a different sound, far from the original.

I have also been practicing drawing my matchstick peoples onto cotton/rag paper (made in South Asia) this paper is very expensive and fragile. I have used the paper with oil pastels before. I have decided to use the paper for the show. The reasons for using these papers is that they are made in the area connected to my ancestral roots and also the paper is fragile and looks old, like the past, connected to nostalgical memories and observation from a distance.

I found out that it is impossible to do quick sketches with my regular drawing pen, it is just too faint and also the surface of the paper is not smooth, which means I have to work at a slower and careful pace, this is a new way of working to me, especially were my drawings and text is concerned.






Tutorial 3


Tutorial with Johnathan suggested artist to look at Marc Lackey.

After the tutorial with Johnathan, I realised……


So now my main focus will be making work, every week until  the interim show. Fingures crossed!



The Self


I have been reading and listening to Carl Jung’s theory of the self again, but much more deeply than before. I feel I can relate to his theory much more than Freud’s or even Nietzsche, but all of them are valid in their own way too. I just think that the self is multi-dimensional internally and externally, anything and everything can affect us not just one thing.

But, I still also believe our “first school” the parents/our home environment plays a huge role in our personalities and how we see ourselves, which I wrote about in my October 2016 posts.

I think we get contaminated by our parents/guardians and early environment due to their own emotions,  personalities, egos and also in some cases abuse. I feel we divert from ourselves and our true calling. But like a friend said it cannot be helped, there is no getting away from it. So then….. we spend a lifetime searching for it if we are lucky enough?