Overview of work


This is just an overview of my work for the degree show.

I have made a video Triptych, shown on 3 old TV monitor’s inside an installation.The Installation and the arrangement represents a domestic space.

I am paying homage to my performance art, the stereotypes/dismissiveness associated with being a South Asian female inside art intuitions, and combing my experiences of racism in school’s, while growing-up in the 1980’s.

The video triptych shows me performing, then completely disappearing from view.

The Indian music played is a cabaret song, about betrayal. The Indian film scene’s are of dancing girls taking revenge by shooting a man in the audience, who has a position of authority.

Also, there are 3 additional handmade drawings that go along with the main work. The subject is myself in performance, within a surreal environment, purging my personal thoughts.

I have combined the old with the new and death with rebirth/freedom.

Installtion set-up


I was playing around with the set-up of the triptych videos and the arrangement of the TV monitors. I wanted the monitors to be positioned in the center, abit like an altar. I want to pay homage to performance art, it is a definite goodbye from me!

I decided the installation should look simple and not very colourful. The reason for this, the film’s I will show, already have alot of colour and I do not want the viewer’s attention to be diverted away from the main focal point.

I only want to suggest, that the installation is a “living room” space, not completely become one. I realized this while spending time in my exhibition space and walking  around Peckham looking for old furniture and soft furnishings!

Below, are some pics of the installation coming together!



Technicial Issues


This week I managed to install 3 sets of old TV monitors and Dvds! As I was only allowed to takeout one set from the Central Loan Store, Vic and Joe helped to get the other sets on my behalf.

After installing everything, I experienced technical issues with all 3 sets of the TV monitor’s. The problem was the cable socket’s, attached to the TV, they all seem very temperamental!

I will have to come in every morning to switch the work on!

The reason, it will be hard to explain to everyone what the issue is with each monitor, and how they need to fix it everytime the work is switched on.

The only way I can describe the situation, remember the old TV with aerial’s. You would have to adjust the aerial, according to the signal each time you would put the TV on.

This is very frustrating! I will have to tape down the cables so they can stay in position, but the truth is, there is no guarantee of it really working.


Video Triptych


I ended up making a video triptych. I wanted to work around some issues I was facing. The main film which I have made in Photoshop and Premier Pro, had too many layers to work through. Due to me going back and forth on this film, from the layers to the ratio aspects. I really could not add music. Also, the fact of me finding a wall space to project my skipping performance, was another reason for the triptych. So, I ended up making 2 short films in iMovie.

2nd film with music on loop with my skipping performance, shown in intervals

3rd film with glimpses of non-pixalated scenes from a 1970’s Indian movie

I also played around with transitions, using similar graphic’s to Indian film style intro’s from the 1970’s.

The song was from another 1970’s film. All the zoomed in pixelated colour’s that I have used during filming come from the 1970’s Indian film era. The reason, I grew up listening and watching old Indian film’s (still do) at my grandparents home. Sweet memories!

So now I will hopefully be showing a video triptych with music, performance, graphic’s, text, on old TV monitors inside a installtion that kind of look’s like a “living room” space.



Boxed in


I have been looking into the “boxed in” aspect ratio’s for film. It seems like alot of old movies used this method. Maybe because that’s what was available at the time.  I do like the effect of the “boxed in” look, it reminds of a film strip or a storyboard!

Maybe this is something I can look into further, after I have finished the MA course. Since I am already on the path of video editing and photoshop, it would make sense.

Also, the fact that I love playing around with old stuff in my work! Be it film, music, photos, drawings, and found objects. Transforming and mixing these things into something new and weird, is really what I loved to do, abit like an alchemist!

Aspect Ratio’s 16:9 – 4:3


Today I did some research, regarding the aspect ratio’s for 16:9 into 4:3 conversion, for my film which will be played on an old TV monitor. The information was on Adobe, I read through the pages and it has given me an insight into the ratio’s and pixels on 4:3.

When I came across the letterboxing effect pic in Adobe, I actually liked it. It reminded me of a film strip or something old, lol!


I am not sure if professionally as an artist, I am allowed to consider this an option? Would everyone think that I did a lazy job for my film or come across as unprofessional, in my technical skills? Not sure what to do?

I am new to all of this information.

I feel like I have been thrown at the deep end with this work! I mentioned yesterday, I am learning (editing in premiere pro and photoshop), as well as making work, which is stressful for me.


Film Editing


The last three days I have been editing and finishing the film for the show. I completed the film twice! It has been a very stressful process. I have been trying to learn and make work at the same time with photoshop and premiere pro.

I spoke to Jonathan and Vic about the film, now I have to do it all again! If I am going to show the film on an old TV monitor, the film has to be made in a 4 by 3 scale in-order to fit the screen without distorting the film.