Overview of work


This is just an overview of my work for the degree show.

I have made a video Triptych, shown on 3 old TV monitor’s inside an installation.The Installation and the arrangement represents a domestic space.

I am paying homage to my performance art, the stereotypes/dismissiveness associated with being a South Asian female inside art intuitions, and combing my experiences of racism in school’s, while growing-up in the 1980’s.

The video triptych shows me performing, then completely disappearing from view.

The Indian music played is a cabaret song, about betrayal. The Indian film scene’s are of dancing girls taking revenge by shooting a man in the audience, who has a position of authority.

Also, there are 3 additional handmade drawings that go along with the main work. The subject is myself in performance, within a surreal environment, purging my personal thoughts.

I have combined the old with the new and death with rebirth/freedom.

Boxed in


I have been looking into the “boxed in” aspect ratio’s for film. It seems like alot of old movies used this method. Maybe because that’s what was available at the time.  I do like the effect of the “boxed in” look, it reminds of a film strip or a storyboard!

Maybe this is something I can look into further, after I have finished the MA course. Since I am already on the path of video editing and photoshop, it would make sense.

Also, the fact that I love playing around with old stuff in my work! Be it film, music, photos, drawings, and found objects. Transforming and mixing these things into something new and weird, is really what I loved to do, abit like an alchemist!

Aspect Ratio’s 16:9 – 4:3


Today I did some research, regarding the aspect ratio’s for 16:9 into 4:3 conversion, for my film which will be played on an old TV monitor. The information was on Adobe, I read through the pages and it has given me an insight into the ratio’s and pixels on 4:3.

When I came across the letterboxing effect pic in Adobe, I actually liked it. It reminded me of a film strip or something old, lol!


I am not sure if professionally as an artist, I am allowed to consider this an option? Would everyone think that I did a lazy job for my film or come across as unprofessional, in my technical skills? Not sure what to do?

I am new to all of this information.

I feel like I have been thrown at the deep end with this work! I mentioned yesterday, I am learning (editing in premiere pro and photoshop), as well as making work, which is stressful for me.


Meeting for Exhibition


I have alot to think about and do, regarding my second piece of work for the exhibition. The performance of me skipping as a shadow figure against a wall with sound. Seems difficult to place, ideally this piece of work would be great projected outside against a wall or in a long corridor. I wanted the work separate from my videos to avoid the overlapping of sound and also too much going on in one small space, its not good.

I also like the free wall space next to Eng space which had the windows and like shelves on. This means a plinth, with projector will have to be placed in middlish of the room.

This piece of work is stressing me out alittle and it has not even been made yet! Lol



I was experimenting with my printable paper cutouts against the colourful zoomed in video’s which I filmed, these were Classical Indian songs (without the sound). I was also adding some glitter and cutting out words from books on critical and political theory, because the words were interesting, they also had depth.

Cutting Perfomance


Today, I was printing out (A4 Paper) some of my performance pictures, these pictures I manipulated in the Drawing Desk app. I did this in order to disguise my face, by putting them as negatives!

I would say I am paying homage to my performance art.

I have also started to experiment around with the printed material, colours, craft material’s, and moving background image. A very similar technique to my Indigo Seedling video, shown at the Interim show last year.