Pop-up Show 2018


My friend came to see the pop-up show last night, she looked at everyone’s work in great detail and had asked some of the artist’s questions. She enjoyed the show.

When my friend saw my work she said that she really enjoyed my Red Sari performance, that it was different and much more lighter than my previous works. She said the Red Sari performance had a clear narrative, a beginning, middle and an end!  The work in general was more refreshing and something new for my friend. Especially, as she has attended all of my art shows since the start of my art journey.

I am glad that she was honest and enjoyed the show.

Pop Show set -up & more


Today I arrived early to help set up for the pop-up show with the rest of the group. The room was a good size, large enough to show everyone’s work.

The 2 films that I sent were shown on screens (along with other peoples work) that were arranged as a sculpture by Vic Von Poser, the sculpture looked interesting compared to how they would normally be shown, against a wall.

I think my work looked good. The Tree of Life and Death film seemed to blend into the arrangement of the screen sculpture. The Red Sari film looked great on the old TV monitor.  If I do show a film on the degree show, it will definitely be shown on an old TV. This is due to the nostalgic look of the film, an old TV monitor adds more charm to my films, especially since I am looking back in time in regards to a narrative.


Low Residency 2018


This afternoon I went to the group workshop, it was actually unplanned for me, I did not want to go. I was kind of persuaded by others that maybe I should go to the workshop, so I did!

I felt I came out of the session with even more questions than answers! Not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. But I did not feel good after the session, not sure why.

I wonder if my art practice will always be a cathartic process? It could be just part of my art making journey, but not the final destination. And that’s ok! Maybe this is what I need to make peace with, who knows.