Zara Salina is a London-based artist. Salina’s interdisciplinary art practice encompasses drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, video, performance and installation. In the recent past her work questioned, in relation to patriarch structure, the male gaze, colonial history, faith, race, cultural stereotypes, dreams, fantasy, family dynamics, memory, nature, and identity. 

Currently, Salina has started to focus more towards nature, colour, texture, shapes, light, and shadow, by using painting, collage making and the digital as her preferred medium. Salina’s new ongoing research/project has been inspired by Middle Eastern, Persian, and South Asian, arts, crafts, clothing, accessories, poetry, home decor and architecture.


Email: zarasalinalawson@gmail.com







All content (unless otherwise stated) © Copyright 2015 Zara Salina Lawson.

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