Technicial Issues


This week I managed to install 3 sets of old TV monitors and Dvds! As I was only allowed to takeout one set from the Central Loan Store, Vic and Joe helped to get the other sets on my behalf.

After installing everything, I experienced technical issues with all 3 sets of the TV monitor’s. The problem was the cable socket’s, attached to the TV, they all seem very temperamental!

I will have to come in every morning to switch the work on!

The reason, it will be hard to explain to everyone what the issue is with each monitor, and how they need to fix it everytime the work is switched on.

The only way I can describe the situation, remember the old TV with aerial’s. You would have to adjust the aerial, according to the signal each time you would put the TV on.

This is very frustrating! I will have to tape down the cables so they can stay in position, but the truth is, there is no guarantee of it really working.


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