Video Triptych


I ended up making a video triptych. I wanted to work around some issues I was facing. The main film which I have made in Photoshop and Premier Pro, had too many layers to work through. Due to me going back and forth on this film, from the layers to the ratio aspects. I really could not add music. Also, the fact of me finding a wall space to project my skipping performance, was another reason for the triptych. So, I ended up making 2 short films in iMovie.

2nd film with music on loop with my skipping performance, shown in intervals

3rd film with glimpses of non-pixalated scenes from a 1970’s Indian movie

I also played around with transitions, using similar graphic’s to Indian film style intro’s from the 1970’s.

The song was from another 1970’s film. All the zoomed in pixelated colour’s that I have used during filming come from the 1970’s Indian film era. The reason, I grew up listening and watching old Indian film’s (still do) at my grandparents home. Sweet memories!

So now I will hopefully be showing a video triptych with music, performance, graphic’s, text, on old TV monitors inside a installtion that kind of look’s like a “living room” space.



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