The tutorial with Jonathan was a discussion about my recent blog posts and most importantly, the MA degree show 2018.

I think the feedback from Jonathan was positive, regarding my recent blog posts. The blogs post really are the stepping stones towards my work for the degree show. They just give the indication to which direction the work is heading towards.

I spoke about the fact, that actually I did not want to do any graffiti-style drawings/text, as I have already done this type of work. It just seems abit boring to me now!

I mentioned, how I actually want to eventually disappear from my work, by becoming a shadow, fragmented, or using someone/something as my replacement for the self.

Also, I want to keep my work screen based even though it will be in an installation.

I will have two or three parts to my work for the degree show. And does not have to be in one place maybe its better that way. That’s why I thought the old uni stairwell maybe a good idea, for one of the works, due to the fire escape.

  1. A screen or a set of screens (3x) with my drawings and text with video and sound work (small room, maybe)
  2. A performance piece with me as a shadow skipping with sound, maybe shown as a projection (anywhere)
  3. Jonathan suggested to also have my Instagram images printed, as it would be great to have something on the walls. Also I guess it would be great to show how busy I have been using the social platform to show work outside of the institution.

There is alot of work to be done!




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