The Singh Twins


I went to see the exhibition Salves of Fashion by at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. The exhibition was amazing, with great detail, many deep historical references to the British Empire in India. And the link to the city of Liverpool’s ports. There was a great body of work and research put into their exhibition.

I can personally relate to this exhibition, my own grandparents came as migrant workers, in the mid-late 1960’s and worked in the textile factories of Yorkshire, until the mid 1970’s. My mother was a child who was sent to a “special” school on the outskirts of her hometown, like many children of migrant workers. They were sent to these schools in-order so as not to integrate and assimilate with the local English children of their towns.

What I personally took away from the exhibition, was to carry on making the work I enjoy and not let the powers to be, derail me into self-doubt. Because it is a trap which has a historical reference.


The quote below by Sir William Hicks is very interesting, as it is very similar to what the Western world say’s about the Muslim World. That it was spread through the sword! But look who is talking, this quote also holds true to this day for the English. The only thing, it’s not the sword, but nuclear weapons!


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