Power Structure’s


Carrying on from my previous post on CSM’s workshop exhibition you may think, why and how this links to my art practice and my research paper. My art practice is about me and my feeling’s towards people/culture/society/ and power structure’s. My art practice is a cathartic process of my experiences. I purge and transmute those thoughts and emotions. Then these turn out into art work’s through a set of performances or drawings with text, or a combination.

I currently have been critical of the power structure, that makes art institutes and the people within them whom seem to carry on with this structure. This structure spills out into the global. I would say this has been a on going process for the last four years for me (BA degree show 2015).

I can be critical of the culture I live in, even more so than the one that is seen from a distance, like in my research paper. Both of these power structure’s I have written about, feed of each-other, Patriarchy and Postcolonial history/Empire, both of which are still fully functioning under a global mask.


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