Yto Barrada, Agadir/Barbican


I went to see the work of Barrada a french born artist, who was raised in Morocco. This was Barrada’s first London art commission.  Barrada’s work speaks of complex personal and political narratives that she weaves together.

Personally, I like the fact she is a storyteller. Her reference point for the work was taken from the book by Mohammed Khair-Eddine – Agadir (1967), the book reflects on the devastating earthquake of 1960 that destroyed the modernist city of Morocco.

I found the installation with the beautifully made wicker chairs, was kind of sad. Due to the nostalgic feelings evoked by the work. For example, you could imagine people sitting on them, having conversations with eachother about their life. Also, the sounds from the chairs felt like someone could be having a conversation in the next room at home. The installation had used mixed medium, scultpture, drawing, college, sound, film and lighting! This all added to the ambiance of the work giving you a domestic feeling.



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