Skype/Studio (last) session


MA Degree Show, discussion

Today’s session was on Skype and studio for all 2nd yr students, we discussed where and what we could be expecting for the preparation of the degree show. It seem’s like we will be in the old building, exact location seems abit up in the air! We will probs find out at the start of our last term. What this means for me, I will be adapting again (BA course) my work to the location I find myself in. I have a feeling the space will be smaller though. I am ok with it, as long as my work is kinda seperate from others, as I will make an installation/with film and other mark making stuff.

I will be drawing out some plans later, once I have my location.

But, for now I need to start making a storyboard for my film work, phew alot to do! I think I make my best work under this pressure. I have to get triggered by something, and this is it!

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