Reflection on Research Questions


The questions asked after my main powerpoint presentation was interesting: what was the percentage of the population that saw film in India? I was honest, I did not know (that was not my focus for the research paper) but it is a large percentage, also I did say South Asians living in the diaspora also contribute to that large percentage, not just Indians living in India. Also, the neighboring countries e.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afganistan, and the Maldives. Also, questions regarding the Indian artist Annu Palakunnathu, who is based in New York, how her work was critiquing Indian womens role in Indian Cinema, how society and politics are interwoven. Also, the fact her Cinema posters are placed in a very subtle way, only if you really looked at her posters would you see her work. There were many other questions but I cannot remember at this moment! I ended the presentation with this slide:

  • Deconstruction of the female character within Cinema
  • The self and society
  • Caught in mad dance of shuffling (Inspired by theorist Spivak!)
  • Inner activism
  • Entertainment
  • Using my own experiences and environment to question and react to/against

A close friend has said I am the “Silent Activist” in regards to my art practice.

I suggested to look into the Betch Bell Test (I have never heard of it).

The work of Doris Salcedo Colombian artist was also suggested. But, I have already seen Salcedo’s work on my BA course. I am not sure if I want to pay homage to a victim of violence though…. or maybe I do…but who? ; )

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