Film editing old/into the new


This evening, I started editing some performance footage, that I had from my BA course. I have alot of old unused performance footage and photographs. Since last year I have been making use of these materials. I am trying to improve on my video editing and photoshop skills. At the same time making new works from old stuff!

I believe making some sought of narrative will make the works new again.

The performance footage I used today, originally involved me trying to wear a sari for the first time, with no prior knowledge of how to wear the garment. I decided to deconstruct the whole footage.By taking out the pieces that I thought were relative to a comical story.

I had always wanted to wear a sari, like my mother had done in her younger years. My mother looked very similar to a famous Indian film actress of the 1970’s.

I also added some old Indian music from that era, to give the film that old charm.

I had decided to add text to make the whole process come across as funny. I remember, at the time of filming the performance, feeling slightly frustrated with myself, as I attempted to wear the garment, quite a few times! I had also slowed the video performance down, to capture the movement in more detail.


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