Media Lab


This Afternoon I tried to learn how to do a Cinemagraph, using After Effects. To practice, I had used some old performance footage and a still image I’d taken a few years ago. The technician had shown me how I can manipulate the image and footage in After Effects, which is a programme that is maybe in between premiere pro and photoshop?!

After many attempts, I gave up and left with no finished work! The main reason for this was when I was shown how to use After Effects, it was not enough, to grasp the skills. Also, the technician kept on leaving in the middle of explaining stuff, not sure what was going on. The technician was not really interested in helping out this week!

The truth is I can only learn something new if I am given a clear breakdown of what each function of the programme can do. This means repeating a few steps, a few times. This is especially important when you have never used a programme before.

Sometimes, I do feel these type of programmes are trying to be to many things at once. Its information overload.




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