In my tutorial with Jonathan we discussed my images on Instagram. We discussed how I would like to move forward, by trying to learn Photoshop and video editing, so I can start experimenting in making Cinemagraphs. I had also shown my short experimental film called Red, we discussed about layering still images with moving, in video.  Jonathan suggested to go to the media lab to get one of the technician’s to help show me these video editing techniques. Which I did 🙂

We briefly discussed about content and which was more important. I answered by saying the practical side of the medium. The reason for this, it is because what I am making prominently is work about me and my environment, so it is still related to the self.  I totally understand from someone else’s perspective it will seem all over the place, due to the contrast between the images produced on Instagram.

I did mention to Jonathan that my work is like a jigsaw puzzle, that will eventually come together.



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