Methods of Making


The method used within producing images on the iPhone, requires alot of going back and forth, due to layering and manipulating of images. I use Drawing desk and its inside features, Kids Desk, Sketch Desk, Doodle Desk, Photo Desk and I also use the iPhone filters to change lighting and size.

I have recently upgraded (paid) the Drawing desk to allow me to use the full screen without ads popping up every few secounds, which was very annoying. The upgrade also allowed me to ad further filters from Photo Desk.

The advantages of working with iPhone features and Drawing Desk are, very simple to use and quick to upload onto instagram. The limitations/disadvantages of the app and iPhone features are, that they can only go upto a certain point, of manipulating imagery. For further adjustments I would need to use Adobe Photoshop, which I can downdload as an app, but it is quite expensive.

I was thinking of using something between a still image and video, to push my images alittle further. I have looked into Cinemagraphs which can be done on the iPhone by purchasing certain apps, again which are quite expensive. I am aware that Adobe Photoshop has this feature, as I have seen on youtube tutorials on Cinemagraphs.

I would ideally want to produce everything on my iPhone, because this is my go to medium for producing art at this moment, as mentioned earlier its easy to use and a time saver. I will have to explore Cinemagraphs and the methods used to produce them further.


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