Methods of Working


My method of art making is naturally abrupt, sporadic and does not have a structure, but for me this is a structure, my structure. I am making art work and doing research consistently in small doses, on a daily basis. I would say I am always collecting, then I will have a moment (an emotion) were I continuously purge out artwork! My method is very cathartic, it is part of my art practice and I embrace this method. I feel I have finally acknowledged this way of working, even though I have known this a long time.

Methods of working in the next few months includes drawing desk app, Instagram, taking photos, performance and sketching by hand.

The other half of the of art making will be closer to the final exhibition, the place were I will show my work. As I like to implant myself around the physical space/enviroment that I am in at the time. I will take what I need emotionally and physically from that space. This is were I will bring everything together, so of course this part can not be planned at the moment.

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