MA Proposal 2017 (2)


MA Project Proposal Structure

Version 2

1. Working Title:

Creation: Right from the start? I am not sure about this title it might change! Depends on what work I produce towards the degree show.

2. Aims and Objectives:

Aim 1: I would like to see how far I can stretch my drawings and text. If I could stretch them beyond the paper/wall and black marker pen. This is still an on going process and still being explored further.


  • Digital tools to help me stretch my drawings
  • organic and raw
  • 2D or 3D sculptures
  • Exploration of children’s art and craft materials
  • The use of colours
  • Stage/film sets as Fine Art Installations 
  • Performances with me as the actress or replacement puppets or both performaning together in a installation/stage, maybe filmed.

Aim 2: I would like to create my own version of the past/roots, child-like version of a story, which reflects back and forth from me to society. I want to recreate my own world based on my own experiences and identity, done with satire.


  • I create a new world/installation/stage
  • Still a questioning of the self, society, and the in-between spaces of identity.

3. Context (Including Historical, Contemporary, and Theoretical Contexts):

The following is still relevant to my practice, for me, these are connected as one.

What is central to my practice is identity and dualities of opposites. An investigation, for example, life with death, body with spirit, feminine with masculine energy, innocence with sexual connotations, visible with invisible, and internal with the external environment, society, and the self. I am interested in the constant reordering, transforming and shuffling of the in-between phases of identity and mental growth.

Artists of interest

Shirin Nehshat, Kara Walker, Ana Mendieta, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Shrigley, Karen Kilimnik, Andrea Zittel, Rebecca Szeto, Gerald Scarfe and Fiona Rae.

4. Methodology:

I will research from films, books, websites, documentaries, journals, nature, and exhibitions. I will also look into stage and film sets as inspiration to make my installation for the degree show.

5. Outcomes:

Combine the physical with the digital.

6. Work Plan:

Exploration with a wider range of materials, whilst using the digital as a tool, for now. An ongoing documentation of experimental works, through photography. My blog posts.

7. Bibliography:


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