Group Crit, part 2


I presented my drawings from my Instagram account, which I had uploaded from my sketch desk (drawing app). I spoke about maybe of experimenting with the digital sketches going into a physical form.

  • landscape sketches becoming a backdrop for a performance
  • the scale of the digital sketches
  • projection onto to a surface or material
  • printed on handmade Kadhi paper
  • Puppets, or me, or both in a performance
  • a stage like setting

Many ways I can take these sketches, Jonathan recommend a lot experimentation, which I need to start working on.

Johnathan asked about the titles of the works, at the time I just said it was in relation to how I was feeling at the time. This was true, the titles indicate my emotions at the time of the of the process, it was quick in that moment, captured and then uploaded onto Instagram. The sketches were just a release of energy for me.

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