Interim Show Reflection


A few days of reflection after the show – I felt a sense of relief showing my drawing’s, it felt like a weight had been lifted. I needed to get these drawings out of me, abit like an exorcism!

Maybe the characters from the drawings could become 2D or 3D.

What material’s could be you used? fabrics, threads, clay, paper, plastic or a combo of all!

Are these puppets?

What backdrop? Will they have a stage setting?

These are the questions I need to experiment with in the Play Lab!

The Violet seedling (egg) and sound was very experimental putting props together with sound and moving images as a back drop. I believe I could explore this further with more experimentation with editing.

I also need to think more about the placement of furniture within an installtion and how I can bring in the audience to experience more of the work. No one wanted to sit down on the rug and watch the film with the headphones in. Everyone just went around the installation like it might of said “Do Not Touch”. In this sense I felt I had failed.

A lot to think about hmmmm!











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