Cosmic Dramas


I have just finished reading Cosmic Dramas by the artist Liliane Lijn for the 2nd time and I have also looked through her book non-stop, for the last 7 months. Lijn’s work has really been a refreshing insight for me, I have felt quite static with art for the last 3 – 4 years. But, Lijn’s work has almost made me think beyond the art work itself with her majestic sculptures, poetary and drawings.  Lijn’s work speak’s of a inner world within ourselves, a cosmic self. I feel inspired in a long time to question my own work in a different way, without too much of the negative self-critical thought process ingrained from contemporary art institutes. This will take time for me to process and apply mindfully as I produce my art works, but I have started.

Lijn’s work has inspired me in that, I feel like diverting slightly from the unruly path I had set myself for my art practice. Lijn’s work has definitely awakened that fire within me however small it is for now, its that same fire that I felt when I first started my journey into art, which feels like a good place to be, were I can actually be more productive, finally!

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