Interim Show prep


A recap of last week and this week:

I have been working on a film for the show. I am learning as I go along with editing, self taught. Its a very tricky skill to learn. The film still needs to be alittle bit polished, near the beginning and end, so I might have to go to the media lab for alittle help! Also not sure if I should add a song on top of a song, will it be too much? Just a thought. The song is a South Asian film song that I have manipulated into a different sound, far from the original.

I have also been practicing drawing my matchstick peoples onto cotton/rag paper (made in South Asia) this paper is very expensive and fragile. I have used the paper with oil pastels before. I have decided to use the paper for the show. The reasons for using these papers is that they are made in the area connected to my ancestral roots and also the paper is fragile and looks old, like the past, connected to nostalgical memories and observation from a distance.

I found out that it is impossible to do quick sketches with my regular drawing pen, it is just too faint and also the surface of the paper is not smooth, which means I have to work at a slower and careful pace, this is a new way of working to me, especially were my drawings and text is concerned.






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