The Self


I have been reading and listening to Carl Jung’s theory of the self again, but much more deeply than before. I feel I can relate to his theory much more than Freud’s or even Nietzsche, but all of them are valid in their own way too. I just think that the self is multi-dimensional internally and externally, anything and everything can affect us not just one thing.

But, I still also believe our “first school” the parents/our home environment plays a huge role in our personalities and how we see ourselves, which I wrote about in my October 2016 posts.

I think we get contaminated by our parents/guardians and early environment due to their own emotions,  personalities, egos and also in some cases abuse. I feel we divert from ourselves and our true calling. But like a friend said it cannot be helped, there is no getting away from it. So then….. we spend a lifetime searching for it if we are lucky enough?



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