Experimental Video


I love listening to music and of course, mainly the classic songs from South Asian movies that have a special place in my heart as they are full of nostalgic memories but also most classic South Asian songs were written by poets and very good writers, so they really pull you in.

I was listening to a song from the film Manzil Manzil 1984 (Destination Destination). I cannot explain it completely, I felt like someone was calling out to me from afar like another realm, like a haunting, but it felt good. I was listening to the song the whole weekend, I video recorded the song on my iPhone while watching the film on youtube, while recording I zoomed into the film, creating a pixelated image instead of the lost lovers looking for each other.

Then I decided to upload the recorded video on youtube. I was playing around with the sound and speed. I had changed the song sooo much from the original version! My real intention was to make a layered film with different images (text, drawing, and colours) with the song playing in the background. Now it felt more strange not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing or why I even did it in the first place?

Filmmaking, editing, or sound are not my areas of expertise at all.


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