Book Tour


I saw this front cover and thought I sooo just want to graffiti some nice painted walls!


I was in the library and saw this…….. funny! I looked through the book and it was full of vagina, he he he


This book is really Kool! Because it’s reality meeting fantasy. Is that not what life is about. I believe life is cinema.

This book was kinda morbid. Matchstick men just a tad bit fatter.

Surely Burnard Buffet is not holding the latest iPhone 8s!


This was my (only) favorite part of the book and right at the end too!

Drawings, words, screen shots and a narrative.

This book was cute, I mean dead cute. The little-lost turnip, who could not find a home or could he? The very first book that caught my eye. This book was the best. Because its just tooooo cute and I feel like the little-lost turnip!

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