A collaboration: Five Years Gallery 2017


I was really unwell due to an infection 😦

A friend asked if I would perform at The Five Years Gallery in Archway, I was not sure if I could due to me feeling ill, but I said yes anyway as it was just a bus ride away!

There were 5 performances by 5 artists and what’s strange that all the performances merged or overlapped with each other and also the colours (white, red, and black). I am pretty sure it was not planned and certainly not on my part, as I just showed up and was not part of the planning process.  I thought all the artist’s had gone mad due to the world we live in, which reflected in their performances.

I felt my performance was not as strong, compared to the other artists. But, then again I really knew what I wanted to do, it was to be quick and to the point.

It was a nice evening with nice people, I had a good time made me feel a bit better.

Here are some pic’s from that night……………. coming soon!

And here is soon, like 4 weeks later! Photographed by little old me!

I think I must have had a fever! Because I missed out four words from the original performance (Goldsmith’s Degree show 2015)! Oh well, shit happens!

Nature, politics, animals, and religion.


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