Tutorial 2


Tutorial with Jonathan

I tried to organize my digitally challenged website with the help of Jonathan, whilst also having a conversation about my art practice as we went through my previous blog posts! It was interesting it felt like it was an Art Therapy session for me.

Also said something regarding hollow men to Jonathan, when I mean men in my posts for me that also represents women, as they can be just as hollow. How do I move forward? Making more puppets, performances….. oh and much more offense text ; )

Are puppets real people or are people puppets? If I am part of a performance what is my role in the script? Can I connect fantasy with reality? I need to go to The Play Lab!

I realized maybe… just maybe, I am going somewhere with this art thing, even if it means, going inside the darkest pit of Hell……. my distorted mind.

Maybe I like to be mentally tortured in order to rebel, who the fuck knows! I should be used to it after Good old “Golds” aka Goldsmiths, man that place was some sort of mind fuck, I have never been the same since, lol.

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