Can of Worms


Reflections after the Mid-Point Review presentation on the 14.3.2017. I have taken a few days to write my thoughts after the presentation. I personally felt the response was ok to the presentation.  More than the response of other people towards my presentation. I was thinking what the Hell am I doing an MA in Fine Art for?

I have been very uncertain of me studying Art for almost 2 years and if I carry on with this “Expensive Hobby” to what extent? Random thoughts and questions floating in my head! I am not sure if I need to be an “Artist” to be creative. Surely I know… I have been creative and imaginative since I was a tot. Why do I need some “yardstick” that defines who and what is art? And what is being an artist all about anyway? Why I am still doing art? Has the journey come to an end? Was it meant to be some sort of short therapy for myself? I feel like packing it all in sometimes and moving on? I feel at a crossroads. Stressful thinking all this art business! 😦

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