Mid-Point Review Presentation


Mid-Point Review Presentation (Unit 1)

My journey on the MA is an extension of my BA which I graduated from a year ago, I want to explore my practice further and refine it. I am just carrying on from where I had left.

I am at the moment exploring my drawings and performance further, either being partially in my performances or stretching my drawings into small sculptures. I  am still in the process of making works with different mediums and then bringing them together “like a jigsaw puzzle” at the end of my 2nd year.

I would like to recreate a story of my own or a labyrinth. Where I bring many things that are of polar opposites together. A bit like a storyteller.

The research that inspires for my practice mainly comes from cinema, poetry, music and real life experiences of my own and how I view the world. Looking from the eyes of a naive teenage girl stuck in time.

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