The Characters


I just filmed my pearl clay sculptures perform. This was unexpected filming. I was not sure how I could show them, at their full potential.  I just went for it. I looked at the film on my laptop as the sound was better, but still, I would need headphones as my voice is low. I thought maybe my flatmates would walk in and say what the fuck!

All I can say about the performance……it was hilarious! I sound like a kid playing with dolls. The film reminded me of Chucky that evil doll, lol.

I would like to edit the film, as I was not happy about my chin in the film. It showed me talking. I just wanted to show my hands. I wore black and used black fabric in order to show the clay characters more, rather than focusing on myself.

So my work will be shown (pop-up show) in two parts, one physical (clay sculptures) and the other digital (film)… I guess?!

I want the sculptures to have that star quality, where they are given importance e.g in the credits (but in the physical sense).

A sketch of the characters and their roles!




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