Can a new foundation be built? A question I asked in my post on the 12.10.2016. When the foundation you were born into was unstable……… I believe it is time to recreate your own foundation/roots. You take what you need and recreate your own culture that coincides with you and your life. Things that help your mental and emotional growth, not stunt your growth.

So have decided to go back in time, really go back (I have kinda been on this path for a while though):

Nature (Mother Earth), The Cosmos, Ancient civilizations, hunters and gathers, Colonial History, Gender Politics, Family Dynamics, Signs and Symbols.

I am sifting through information on the above, I am looking for particles that can catch my eye, positively or negatively, one energy force cannot function without the other.

Dark Side or is it? Not in my eyes, it needs to be addressed: Patriarchy, Madonna-Whore Complex, Sex, Sexuality, abuse within “families”, “partnerships” and society of all kinds, all levels. My conclusion – We are just Animals with clothes on. We have created our own prisons. when we try to escape from ourselves, we forge other identities or roles and do heinous crimes towards ourselves and each other.

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