Directing your own life, the parts that are within your grasp.

Birth –  your Starting. You had no control or say (or did you?). Already written.

Present – the now. A mix of the two. Already written. But it is your reaction to the already written that you can then redirect if you are brave enough.

Death – the End. The obvious, anything that has life must one day die. Already written at your birth.

Example: (from a South Asian film, I cannot recall the name) These words have stayed with me.

Two female friends face each other, one slightly younger and the other slightly older.

The mature woman says to the younger woman “you are my past, and I am your future, what stands between us is the present”

The younger woman allows her past to ruin her present life, eventually taking her own life.

The mature woman learned from her past and invests it into her present life and is seen flourishing years later.

Conclusion: One woman defines her past and redirects it towards a more secure and uplifting future and the other woman lets her past direct her future ruining herself because she did not believe she was worthy of a better life.

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