UNIT 1 ASSESSMENT (14.11.2017)


I will be presenting my most important works, research, experimentations, and methods done in the last year (2016 – 2017), towards my personal development as an artist.

My MA blog is a page which I have added onto my pre-existing artist website. Throughout my journey on the MA course I have taken pictures, written and sketched, as a way of documentation. This method of working has helped me to capture things in the moment, of me making work, commenting, thoughts and taking inspiration.

My art practice is about myself/identity (very personal) and of my own experiences (the trigger) with other people (family/friends/society). Bringing together a contrast of opposites, were truth, lies, and fantasies, mix as one. I am inspired by many things around me, but mainly films, stories, dramas, dark comedy, books and music from my childhood and teens. My art practice is a cathartic process.


The learning outcomes to formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, the MA Fine Art Digital course at UAL has been more of an extension for me to refine my art practice further, which I had started to develop on my BA (Hons) Fine Art degree 2015 at Goldsmiths University London.

In my MA Fine Art Digital Proposal 2016, I started to refine my art practice, the key areas of development I wanted to explore further, were my drawings on paper, which would then turn into 2D/3D sculptures and to use my drawings/text as a springboard to re-enact performances, working more as a script.

In the recent past, I have started to learn film editing (self-taught). I plan to further develop and improve on these skills. I want to make an installation/stage for the degree show, combing many mediums together, my updated MA Proposal (version 2) 2017. In the up coming weeks/months I would like to research and understand art installations. I also want to look at ways how the viewer can be completely immersed into a installation, without the aid of virtual reality technology. I may also start playing with printing or projecting images done on my iphone in Sketch App as a back drop for my installation or “stage” like setting.


Critically engage with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion, I have participated in group discussions, made comments, asked questions at Group Critical, Group Crit, part 2 and Mid-Point Review Discussion.

The Low Residency gave me the opportunity to participate in team building workshops with the online students visiting London Low Residency, Tate Exchange, Group Workshop, and Week 2 of Low Residency.

I have worked on many test pieces and experiments for example, my clay hand puppets Clay PeopleHollow Men and More Clay! Also experimental films and performances Dolls and Eggs Film, Experimental Video, and failures Ceramics.

My completed works include Let Me Teach You a Lesson 😉 2016 shown in the Pop Up Show 2016. I had made 3D sculptures from children’s clay and then performed with them. I stuck the sculptures on black paper acting as a “blackboard” and a film was shown on my laptop. This was comical critic on Western Colonial structure. In July’s Interim Show 2017, I had exhibited The Breeders and The Indigo Seedling 2017 as an installation, a domestic setting with drawings and a long durational film The Breeders and The Indigo Seedling 2017. This installation was a critic on biological ties and family dynamics.

The Mid-Point Review Presentation provided an opportunity to show my thought process, inspiration and some of my drawings The CharactersDreams, and Sketches.

The Iranian born artist Shirin Nehshat has been a huge influence on me, especially as a woman, her view on the human mind and condition. The American born artist Kara Walker, for her use of who is doing the storytelling and what is the hidden truth. The artist Karen Kilimnik, for her child-like style and re-presentation of her artworks.

My research/inspiration material also includes walking around London Inspiration Walk about, trolling through the internet Paper Dolls, book tours Book TourWitchy Bookish,  and painting of female subjects Inspirational Summer 2017. Pakistani dramas or short stories Puppet House, and Pakistani folk music Pakistani Folk Music and Sufi Islam.


Critically reflect upon your practice and articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice. I would say all of my MA blog represents my thought process and foundation of my practice, but here are a few of the posts relating to the learning outcomes.

My articulated thoughts in relation to The Self the psychological interest of Roots, A Collage of Research, Adulthood?, and Born,

My reflections from tutorials October 2016, Tutorial 2, and Tutorial 3.

Reflections/thoughts from Pop Up Show Reflection, artist talks Rana Begum, Artist Studio visit, and Artist Chila Burman.

Most recent Gallery visit Recent Exhibition Visit. I have a few ideas now for the degree show, Gerald Scarf exhibition was great, I liked how his drawings went from paper to design of costumes, stage sets, sculptures. 

I am also influenced by female Urdu/Persian Poets and Film Directors.

My influences for my critical research and postcolonial studies are theorists/historians/writers – Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Franz Fanon, Edward Said, Arundati Roy, Dr Amendaker, Romilla Tharpar, Howard Zinn, Susan Sontag, and Carl Jung. 

Research paper thoughts Research Paper Ideas, and Research Paper Reflection.